Queen’s Gambit Tattoo

Queen's Gambit Tattoo Lobby

Custom Artwork

We pride ourselves on being able to bring your idea to life in a unique way. Please send all the reference images and notes you like and we will go over the options during your consult.

Professional Tattoo Artist

Traditionally apprenticed, with current Tattoo License and up to date blood borne pathogens certificates.

Body Piercing

Our piercers are happy to help you pick the perfect piercing placements that will compliment your aesthetic and unique body contours.

Custom Tattoos and Piercings

If you're interested in a custom tattoo please use the contact form to start the consult process. Reference images welcome, but not necessary.

Tattoo Style Galleries

Traditional Witch's Hat with Flowers Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Colorful tattoos with bold lines and color, with an emphasis on heavy lines and the use of black.

Delicate herb Tattoo

Small and Fine line Tattoos

Small delicate tattoos look cute in so many places. These are great walk in tattoos.

Freddy Kruger Tattoo

Realism and Portrait

Realistic and portrait style tattoos from photos, both in black and grey and color.

Lettering Tattoos

Examples of hand drawn lettering designs.

Micha ulrich

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork is just black. Included some red and black and redwork and bluework tattoos also.

Traditional Tattoo Gallery

Traditional Tattoos

Traditional, neo-traditional and modern traditional tattoos. Linework, and bold color.

Hawaiian Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoos

Large Tribal tattoos are a big commitment for both the artist and client. They take many sessions to complete and they are not cheap.

Horus God Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoos

Black and Grey and Blackwork tattoos. Animals, florals and more.

Tattoo Consult and Booking Process

E-mail us with any image references and notes you have. If your project requires an in person consult to narrow down pricing, that can be set over the phone, through email, or with the on-line booking app. Consults are free. You're welcome to use the on-line booking app to set up your in person consult, just please remember to e-mail your references to us before you arrive.


Large Scale Projects

I can not work on more than six tattoo sleeves at a time, so when one project is complete, I will alert everyone on Instagram that there is a new opening.


Vary depending on your artist, the tattoo style and the scope of your project. Estimates do not include drawing time or the art deposit required to take on your project. The art deposit pays for the time it takes to prepare your tattoo design. Flash is priced by the piece, which can vary in size or positioning on the body. Please stop by for in person consults or pricing whenever we have walk-in availability. For same day appointment inquiries please text the shop phone number with image references by 11am.

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