About Us


My goal in opening my own tattoo shop was to slow down and focus on the art of tattooing and creating tattoos I would be proud to wear myself. What I loved about tattoo shops was walking in and seeing all the designs curated by the artists in the shop.

When I was first getting into tattoos, I learned pretty quickly that tattoo shops with art created by the resident tattoo artists were now few and far between. I would love for my shop to be a return to the traditional tattoo shop concept, of walking in, and picking something off the wall that was designed by the artist that will be doing the tattoo.

I did my traditional apprenticeship in Wahiawa, Hawaii in 2008, by 2009 I was a licensed tattoo artist with the state of Hawaii. When my daughter was born in 2011 I moved back home to Maryland, where I took three years off of tattooing and worked in business development. I have been working as a full time tattoo artist for the last seven years.

One of the things I love most about tattoo history is tattoo styles, how they’ve developed over time and why, and how they are reflected in tattoo flash. No matter what the style I’m working in, the traditional desire for longevity is prevalent. Making a tattoo that will last as long as possible, as true to the original design as possible is my goal. My favorite styles of tattoos are rooted in the teachings of traditional tattoos and the tribal roots of tattoo art.

I call my style 90s Traditional, or 90s New School. I am not really interested in the new new School tattoos as they are understood now. I prefer very traditionally based tattoos, with varied lines and a lot of black, I like more detailed designs, but more limited color blends. I would rather not tattoo something that will look completely different after a few years.

I am currently the only tattoo artist and piercer at Queen’s Gambit Tattoo, and we are running as a private tattoo studio through the rest of 2024.

Focused, Education Based Services

  • Tattoo Consults :: focus on inspiring and educating clients so they are well informed when making decisions.
  • Tattoo Flash :: focuses on traditional symbology that is timeless and speaks to people, historically.
  • Tattoos as an Art Form ::  focus on the overall longevity and aesthetic of tattoos with regard to social impact.
  • Large Scale Tattoos :: Built, from the ground up.  I prefer cohesive sleeves and client collaboration.
  • Lifelong Commitment :: Tattoos can be fun and silly, but they can also change your life from here on out.
  • Quality and Outcome over Everything.

Guest Artists

We house proven professionals who have completed their apprenticeship successfully and have a solid portfolio. We prefer artists who have a strong basis in traditional teachings who want to share their flash with tattoo collectors in the DMV.
Butterfly Hand Painted Tattoo Flash

About the Owner


Monica is a traditionally apprenticed, licensed, full time tattoo artist in Rockville, Maryland.


Tattooing: 7

Years Piercing: 4

Tattooing is a lifestyle for me, and a life-long commitment.  I am constantly striving to improve the quality and aesthetic of the tattoos I am lucky enough to create so that we can provide clients of all ages, body types, and backgrounds the best tattoo possible.

I place a heavy emphasis on the longevity of tattoos and aim to provide tattoos that will age well in the skin on which they are applied. I will consider all inquiries, but thank you for understanding, that I can’t possibly help everyone, and I will have to select only the best projects for my styles of focus at any given time.