Realistic Tattoos

Realism Tattoos

Realistic tattoos have the same aesthetic as photographs and fine art portraiture.  They are classical reproductions of a likeness in skin. We enjoy doing portrait style tattoos of your loved ones ( including pets of all kinds, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, cats ), as memorials or tributes.  Another common word for realistic tattoos is “3d tattoos”.  Realism tattoos can be of anything, the most important thing is that the artwork is heavily based on either real life reference, or photo reference.  Which is why these are called photo realism or tattoos from photos.  Skulls, animals and flowers are also excellent photo-realistic tattoo concepts.

When booking please include:

  1. Design notes and/or image references.
  2. For realism tattoos, please include 4-10 of the best photos you have of the subject matter.  If it’s a person whose likeness you want to capture and we can’t find a good photo for tattooing, we may have you come in for a photography session before the tattoo. 
  3. Where you would like to place the design on your body.
  4. Your phone number so we can call you to schedule.