Monica’s Tattoo Portfolio

Monica's Tattoo Portfolio

Monica Tattooing

My favorite tattoo styles are american traditional, neo-traditional and japanese themes, in both color and black and grey. My ideal client generally has an idea of what they would like to get, likes the traditional style, but would like a little more detail and color fades. I love tattooing tradtitional themes in a newer take on traditional style. I like bold, varied lines and bold colors. Some of my favorite themes are animals, monsters, critters and flowers, all nature things, fantasy and realistic. Dead or alive. Horror things and mermaids also get me super excited. I would prefer to draw my own version of a design rather than copy. I was traditionally apprenticed at Hawaiian Island Tattoos, in Wahiawa, HI. I maintain a current tattoo license. My art background is based heavily in illustration and animation, inspired by cartoons, comics and video games. I went to school for animation and video game design.

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Large Scale Projects

I can not work on more than six at a time, so when one project is complete, I will alert everyone on instagram that there is a new opening.

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When booking please include:

  1. Design notes and/or image referances.
  2. Where you would like to place the design on your body.
  3. Your phone number so we can call you to schedule.

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Maximum file size: 104.86MB

Maximum file size: 104.86MB