Tattoo Portfolio


Tattoo Styles

Traditional Witch's Hat with Flowers Tattoo

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Colorful tattoos with bold lines and color, with an emphasis on heavy lines and the use of black.

Freddy Kruger Tattoo

Realism and Portrait

Realistic and portrait style tattoos from photos, both in black and grey and color.

Traditional Tattoo Gallery

Traditional Tattoos

Traditional, neo-traditional and modern traditional tattoos. Linework, and bold color.

Delicate herb Tattoo

Small and Fine line Tattoos

Small delicate tattoos look cute in so many places. These are great walk in tattoos.

Micha ulrich

Blackwork Tattoos

Blackwork is just black. Included some red and black and redwork and bluework tattoos also.

Hawaiian Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoos

Large Tribal tattoos are a big commitment for both the artist and client. They take many sessions to complete and they are not cheap.

Lettering Tattoos

Examples of hand drawn lettering designs.

Color Tattoos

More Color Tattoo examples that do not really fall into the traditional category.

Horus God Tattoo

Black and Grey Tattoos

Black and Grey and Blackwork tattoos. Animals, florals and more.

Watercolor Tattoo Portfolio

Watercolor Tattoos

Colorful tattoos with splashes of color. Any subject can be turned into a watercolor tattoo.

Large Scale Projects

I can not work on more than six at a time, so when one project is complete, I will alert everyone on instagram that there is a new opening.

When booking please include:

  1. Design notes and/or image referances.
  2. Where you would like to place the design on your body.
  3. Your phone number so we can call you to schedule.