Name Tattoos

If you are trying to design a name tattoo for your next tattoo, it can be as simple as finding a font that you like and getting the tattoo done in that font. But what if it’s not that easy? I’m not criticizing font tattoos generated by a computer, they have their place, but they aren’t for everyone.

Name tattoos can be done in a variety of styles. If you have an example of the style that you want the name drawn in, that would be great reference material to bring to your tattoo artist.

Please e-mail me with your image references or style notes and requested placement if you would like to get a custom lettering tattoo from me. 

Some examples of the most popular styles to get your name tattooed in are these:

Freehand Tattoo Script

Elegant Tattoo Script

Old English / Gothic Lettering

West Coast Lettering

Graffiti Tattoo Lettering

Traditional Tattoo Lettering


Some rules to follow when getting a name tattoo:

  • last names, parents and children’s names are generally considered safe.

  • Some people consider it bad luck to tattoo your significant other’s name on you, get some kind of matching tattoo with them instead.

  • Place the tattoo where it fits the arm visually well

  • Place the tattoo so that it isn’t cutting a prime real estate area on your arm that could be used for a much larger piece down the line. I can’t tell you how many times people have come in to get a name tattoo covered, and unfortunately it makes the new tattoo cost a whole lot more because of the cover-up aspect.


Some Lettering Tattoos I have Done

Tattoo prices vary from artist to artist. If you would like to get a name tattoo done by me, hand drawn Name Tattoos start at $150.00, then it depends on placement and size. To fill one side of the forearm with lettering would be between $300.00 and $600.00, it depends on the complexity.

If you add a flower or symbol of some kind, like a crown or cross it would be extra, depending on the complexity and size.

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